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Why we do it

Our purpose is to make change in organisations for the good of all.

1. Strategy

When faced with strategy work, we asked ourselves; How can we make greater impact? How can we make strategy more tangible?

How can we turn this into something that’s embedded – something the directors and teams can live out so the business becomes a genuine, authentic aligned business from team to brand to marketing efforts.

Our strategies are not fluffy or just used for colours and fonts. We had to make our strategies so clear and simple that it’s become a business, marketing, team and strategy guidebook for how a brand communicates from internal to external.

We stopped calling our strategies Brand Strategies because they do a whole lot more than that. Our strategy phase includes business strategy, marketing, sales, competitor analysis, conversion, advertising, HR & culture, content, copywriting, branding and design.

• Identifying Emotional Drivers
• Evergreen strategies for advertising
• Mission, Vision, Values
• Detailed competitor & market analysis
• Your USP
• Messaging & brand story
• Win-back customer strategies
• Selling & pricing strategies
• Your brands hidden advantage
• Brand architecture & structure
• Evergreen copywriting guide

+ much more…

2. Design

Leverage your strategy and curate assets to activate your brand. Get design that goes the distance.

• Business name generation
• Logo & Brand design
• Graphic Design
• On-brand copywriting
• Website design & prototyping
• Website content strategy
• Responsive web development
+ much more…

3. Execution

Revolutionise existing materials for ongoing use and distribute your brand to your audience.

• Socials & Email Marketing
• Landing Pages
• SEO & Online Advertising
• Pitch decks
• Email Signatures &  Document Templates
• Sub-brands & Structures

+ much more…


How do we know if it’s the right time to engage a branding agency?
Is it something you’ve been putting off or thinking about for more than 3 months?
Is the business pitching for work, targeting a new market or targeting a new industry?
Has the business gone through a strategic change like a merger or change of ownership?
Has it been 5-10 years since the brand, messaging or market strategy was looked at?
Each of these are typical indicators that a branding process has already begun. Your brand will change when these things happen whether you’re aware of it or not. It only makes sense to create the brand with intention rather than letting the horse run wild.
Are you like other marketing agency’s who just take my money? 
Agency’s who take your money without providing value aren’t seeing the bigger picture. They miss the foundational pieces, the research, and the testing that drives value. An investment of money creates solid foundations to springboard from. You can be an exceptional board diver with a great technique, but if your board is made of a wafer stick, it just won’t matter. Build the foundations with Elloom and take them anywhere you need, honestly. 
I heard branding doesn’t work and I should do ads - will my ads still work without branding?
Ads will only convert as well as their message. Your advertising efforts are worth it when you have strong messaging behind them based on research and data. How much research and strategy is your ads team putting behind their work? Or are they throwing spaghetti at a wall? Core business foundations like branding can take all of your marketing to the next level - ads, posts, brochures, websites, sales… everything.
Can I just delegate my marketing to internal staff or hire a marketing person instead?
We’ve seen it time and time again. Existing team members just don’t have the time, capacity or focus to manage the branding and marketing. Clients have approached us wanting to actually fix this issue and wanting to free their people again to get back to their core roles.
A marketing intern or new hire is a great resource who we often work in partnership with. They can really leverage the assets we create and love how we arm them with the ammo to boost your brand. Be aware that internal marketing team tend to keep their skillsets within the business and industry. A person typically creates what is familiar to them. Your internal team will likely create solutions which is expected within the industry. Because Elloom has worked with clients in over 20 industries, we can adapt, model and cross-pollinate ideas. We’re used to thinking a little bigger and getting a memorable outcome.

What makes Elevate different?

No other agency combines staff, culture, messaging, sales and marketing into one cohesive strategy.

Our Communication Strategies take a holistic view on every moving part in your business. It’s not just a brand strategy — it’s a business blueprint.

We are the only agency in Australia using this communication system — the only agency, Australia-wide, giving a comprehensive, inside-out strategy and direction to our clients.

Our strategies include high-level direction on how to make aligned business decisions, right down to the words to use in a social media caption.

Connecting 03-w
We go above and beyond to connect with, listen to and understand you.

Overlapping testimonials from our clients demonstrate that we are more attentive, considerate and empathic than other agencies and service providers.

Our focus is on understanding first, gathering data first, and listening first. Then delivering according to what we have heard and found. Not only have our clients truly appreciated this approach in their relationship with us but it means the work that eventuates is more meaningful, engaging and impactful for all involved.

We collate 4-6 data sources before making key decisions.

We don’t make moves based on hunches. We trust data.

Our deliveries typically have less than two change requests, in total.

That means less time coordinating and more focus and energy on your role in the business.

We future-proof your business brand over the next 5-10 years.

Industries change and so do people. We create foundational documents for your business to go back to in times of evolvement to ensure you are true to your North Star.

How we work

Our values are important to us, and so are you.
We are open, empathic and curious enough to understand-and-brand almost any business.

Our work


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We change & transform organisations and their people.

Level 21, 233 Castlereagh St
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